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Indonesian Sea Patrol Burned The Illegal Fishing Ship Since 2010

Inside: Fish Wars
National Geographic (2010)

This powerful documentary takes a hard look at the fishing industry affecting the coral triangle in South East Asia.  It reveals the scale and source of the problem and follows the dedicated people determined to save the last oceanic eden in the world.

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In the tropical seas of the Coral Triangle, around the Indonesian archipelago, a war is being waged.  Illegal fishing has robbed Indonesia of an estimated US$3.2 billion annually through poaching by syndicates from Thailand, China and the Philippines. Illegal trawlers, cyanide and explosives fishing are all destroying the seas off Indonesia.

InfocusAsia (IFA) and National Geographic Channel brings you a unique insight into the battle to protect Asia’s oceans from the corrupt and bloody world of illegal fishing. IFA has been granted exclusive access to follow the armed crackdown on the trade and an entry into a savage world of illegal trade, corrupt politics and unrestrained violence.

Inside Fish Wars dvd cdThe seas of the Coral Triangle in the Asia-Pacific region stand as one of the last major centres of marine biodiversity in the world, with the world’s largest ever-recorded level of carbon content.

Global fisheries experts say that unless drastic action is taken, people will resort to eating jellyfish. Soon, that’s all that will be left in our oceans.

Fish Wars follows dedicated marine biologists from WWF that are fighting alongside fisheries officers, not just to protect but rebuild the oceans off Indonesia.

The film also takes you to the tuna fisheries in the Philippines to see the battle being waged, and shows you the incredible hunger from Japan for tuna and its effects on the global food chain.

Indonesia’s coral reefs help support one of the largest marine fisheries in the world, generating 3.6 million tons of total marine fish production each year. At stake here is not just the livelihood of a region, but also the future of one of the world’s greatest marine areas, the Coral Triangle.

First Aired

Witness this emotionally-charged and action-packed investigative film on the National Geographic Channel (Asia) in the following time slots:

• 17 July 2011 / 22.03 GMT
• 18 July 2011 / 13.03 GMT
• 18 July 2011 / 4.03 GMT
• 18 July 2011 / 15.18 GMT

Inside: Fish Wars, by National Geographic Channel is an intriguing look at the fishing industry in South East Asia, particularly in the Coral Triangle. Failing fisheries, destructive fishing practices and corruption all are mentioned in this documentary.


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